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Circa 1961

This is Seafare’s original menu. If you (can see it) compare it to today’s. It is not all that different, except for the prices of course. There are some things that have changed. You can’t an abalone sandwich for 85 cents.

Some other things have come and gone. We used to have Gooie Duck sandwiches. A Gooie Duck is a giant clam. We used to have sandwiches for $3.25 about 15 years ago.

The deviled crab has gone to the way-side. But if you compare our recommended specialties, you will notice that we have twice as many as we did when we first opened.

One thing you might notice is that the clam chowder is still Manhattan.

Beverages are no longer 10 or 15 cents and we now have our world famous cheesecake when originally all we had was ice-cream.

One other item that used to be very popular was our oyster stew. About 10 years ago, that was discontinued but one customer, Fred, has talked us into making it for him once in awhile.

State and local sales tax will be added to prices of food and beverage served at the Seafare Inn. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Not responsible for lost or stolen articles.