Seafare Ambiance

The Seafare’s atmosphere is casual and various fish theme decorations adorn the walls giving it a nautical feel in spite of the landlocked locale. These decorations include a lighthouse mural that most people say reminds them of Nova Scotia. Original etched glass artwork also adds to the salt air feel.

There is a themed display case on your right as you enter that changes with the seasons. Shelley Milhous is constantly being complimented on its cleverness. And to your left is our 75 gallon fresh water fish tank that offers a relaxing distraction in the waiting area. There is also an outdoor waiting area of benches surrounded by river rock.

The Seafare has not changed much since 1961 and we think that’s a good thing.

All Seafare’s patrons are still greeted by name, not on an impersonal pager or microphone sound system, and the menu is pretty much the same (except for the prices of course) as it was back in 1961.

And when you visit us, be sure to check the specials on fresh fish and wine that are additional to the printed menu.

Front Desk
Fish Tank

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Our famous Seafare sign
Seafare’s outside waiting areaThe little boat that could…Welcome Aboard! Come on in and enjoy our food.
Seafare’s front desk and entranceThe fish tank is spotted on the left when you walk in.
The backroom dining area
Seafare’s mural that really brings in that ocean appeal!

State and local sales tax will be added to prices of food and beverage served at the Seafare Inn. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Not responsible for lost or stolen articles.